Home Videos PS4 – Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (14 Minutes)

PS4 – Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (14 Minutes)


New PS4 gameplay video for Watch Dogs !
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With 14 minutes of gameplay walkthrough !

PS4 – Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (14 Minutes). Release date : 2013 for PS3 and PlayStation 4 ! Subscribe now to get the best PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Playstation Games trailers, gameplay teasers, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos !

PS4 - Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (14 Minutes)


  1. The way i see this game. It takes a skill to perform such task. While GTA all you need is armor and very big guns and you go rambo and thats it.

  2. I have this game sitting on my shelf. Tried three times to get into it, never could.

  3. Why does Ubisoft think that anyone cares what's happening in ai's day to day life, focus on making the game better than making up some bullshit about a robot

  4. In real world that white boy would be dead, if he keeps hanging around in neighborhood like that.

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