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psn hack wiki – psn hack leak – ps3 hack xbox controller


psn hack wiki - psn hack leak - ps3 hack xbox controller

Retropie 3.6 Tutorial - A beginners Guide to Setting up RetroPie on the Raspberry Pi 3


  1. All was well, but it did not load es the same as you it said loading then takes me to a retropi config screen. In which when you press A it takes you to a audio setup wfi setup and such. Any help would be great. But on a side note very nice video and informative.

  2. so do I need to keep the USB drive plugged in to access the Roms or do they copy to the SD card?

  3. Thank you tipsta! I got my basic game station set up, thanks to your tutorial. Im wondering if you could point me to a tutorial on how to customize the controls for specific n64 roms so when they load up the controls are already mapped perfectly. I searched for a day and had no luck and couldn't figure it out. Im not very good at computers, I'm just obsessed with games!

  4. I just tried this. I got as far as putting the SD card into the Pi (3) for the first time after putting the retropie image on it, and once powered up, the red light came on, and nothing else happened. I had previously installed raspbian on the pi, if that makes a difference. please help. also, the .img file wouldn't show up on the browser unless i highlighted the "." option, and the .img file was only approx. 600MB

  5. I love how easy you made this video. I sent it to a friend in need. very organized and informative…

  6. Fantastic Video. Your format for delivering the information I think is the best I've ever seen. Thank you very much.

  7. Can I use a Mayflash adapter for N64 to enjoy the experience on a original controller? And do ROM hacks work well? And Hires textures? I'd like to test some stuff on this. Helpful video. 🙂

  8. This is an amazing and informing video, thank you for content and specific instructions. Great tutorial.

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