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Review: OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood


Review: OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood


  1. "Hair pulling'ly frustrating?" If the game was too easy gamers would complain how short the game was, or how easy it is to finish with no difficulty. But. Give a gamer a challenge that everybody feels is impossible to complete and here come the bitchful tears. Come on guys OlliOlli2 is a great game. Plus the difficulty makes the game worth it. The game isn't impossible to beat, just play enough to learn the physics of the game. I mean if anything, I wish Tony Hawk games were this difficult. Some Tony Hawk games were just too easy as far as beating them. I personally like reaching the sick difficulty in Project 8 and Proving Ground.

  2. i had this and i beat it couldn't do the pro levels but this game serves as a good challange overall and the simplistic look just gives it that charm and the soundtrack is kickass overall this game gets a 8/10 imo

  3. I dont know if youve reviewed "Endless Skater" or not yet, but maybe check it out?

  4. I've only played the first one but I think I may have to grab this one when it's on sale. The animations look great. I wish there was a free skate option
    or some kind of create a park mode. Hopefully quarter and half pipes will be included into an OlliOlli 3 where you can change directions. This game has so much more potential to be an even greater 2D skate boarding game.

    As always, great review man!

  5. I have both games on vita. Loved and 100% it. Was very hyped when I heard 2 was coming out. much harder but I just could not stick it out. No control issues as I believe it was they were made with Vita as the primary console.

  6. My left thumb really doesn't work as well as my right thumb so I just couldn't do almost anything at all when I tried the first olliolli, seriously they should've added an option to change the flip trick stick to the right stick.

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