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Ride 2 Game Review (PS4)


Ride 2 Game Review (PS4)


  1. its not decent…its amazing. The word "decent" in my language it means good but no so good and the game is simply amazing. Players who love bikes will understand, which i think its not your case..what u want more on a bike's game to be more than decent? sorry my english

  2. Your totally wrong about bikes not handling in the rain.. I myself am a biker. I own and ride a Sportsbike. SuzukigsxR 750.. It handles in the rain. It handles insanely well.. I love the fact that people comment on motorcycles when clearly they have no clue what there talking about. Just thought i would put my point out there :-).. If it has offended you in anyway then i appologise..

  3. worst player ever. Good grief man, no wonder you don't like it lol. Not saying it's a 10/10 either, but these games can be fun if you get your rhythm down.

  4. I have a YouTube channel that I do Forza and many other racing games on, I would appreciate if you guys would check it out, thanks if you do…

  5. Another proof better graphics mean no better game. Road Rash for Genesis DESTROYS this game easy. Old School, the real deal, proved once more.

  6. That game is as realistic as madonnas promises. My pants have around my ankles for 2 weeks now….when?!

  7. geez what happened to this channel used to be good political opinion videos wtf is this video game shit….. 😉

  8. Great use of the PS4 hardware… NOT!

    Looks like something that came out on a medium end PC in 2011.

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