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Ride 2 – PS4 & Xbox One – First Impressions


Ride 2 – PS4 & Xbox One – First Impressions


  1. How's did you find the physics when it comes to accidents/kerbs/grass/touching another bike at speed etc?

  2. This game is awesome it really is, I loved Ride 1 but understand that it lacked difficulty and longevity. Every fault Ride 1 had has been fixed beautifully in Ride 2 and has made this without a doubt the best motorcycle game I have ever played.

  3. yeh but sound and speed is what makes up half of motorbiking, and a great thing, probably not gonna pick this game up

  4. haha you may be right with the sounds, but the bike of your choice, the bmw rninty sounds pretty shitty in real life too.

  5. Yeah sound really fucking sucks again, well we should be used to those sounds since sbk08, not much of a difference there… Why they left out numbers on the speedometer is weird to… Maybe so they have something new to introduce in ride 3?

  6. will there be a way to get in the US? for some reason the US release has been pushed to February next year

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