Home Xbox Forum Should I upgrade my xbox 360? 10 Points to best answer!?

Should I upgrade my xbox 360? 10 Points to best answer!?


Okay so really it would be downgrading but I have the newest Xbox 360 E and they seem to have a bad rep and people say you should get the slim instead of this model. Well I can get a slim for a decent price so should I do it? Plus I do like the look of the slim better plus that the buttons are touch sensitive. Also I am jw is the glossy or matte slim better than the other? Cause I see some glossy and some matte? are the matte or the glossy ones older? Thanks and to best answer

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  1. They are basically the same consoles the matte ones are 4gb and the glossy are 250 gb so the E model and S model are the same thing just different hardware

  2. I wouldn’t recommend getting an Xbox 360 at the moment. It’s a last gen console and games are going to stop supporting it in a year or two. I’d recommend either getting a gaming PC, or a Current gen console such as the PS4 or XB1.

  3. Get out of the console scene. If you build a PC, you can get much better power and performance for the same price as a console. Or alternatively, the same performance of a console for a lot lower price

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