Home Playstation Games SPIDER-MAN PS4 – 10 Details You Probably Don’t Know

SPIDER-MAN PS4 – 10 Details You Probably Don’t Know


SPIDER-MAN PS4 - 10 Details You Probably Don't Know

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  1. I wonder if there will be a ps5 remaster. I really want to play this, but not willing to get a ps4 now. Sucks to be a pc gamer who is a spiderman fan.

  2. My wish in to the Spider man ps4.
    The title Spider-man sinister six that IT Will be the six Villians to fight Spider man then in the end Spider man dies then Miles morales takes place in the Spider man 2 PS4

  3. This is bullshit why can't it be for xbox one I mean if they combine all gaming devices won't they have bigger sales and income ?

  4. The lack of info and more video makes me nervous. every game is hyped up and then fails to deliver. :/ why are they keeping it so secret despite all the time that has passed?

  5. I really really really hope they have Carnage in this game. He deserves more recognition

  6. I really hope they get web-swinging down right and it feels good, because more often than not I always find myself coming back to a good Spider-Man game and just swinging around NYC. The swinging in the Amazing Spider-Man games was horrible– thats why I always go back to Web of Shadows or Spider-Man 2!

  7. if it was me designing the beginning of the game, i would put an origin story as a prologue, before transitioning to and experienced spidey

  8. I hope that's not the final design for the costume, because that giant white spider thing is god-awful. If it is the default suit, I hope there is an in-game option to change it to the classic red and blues.

  9. I could see if sony created spiderman i wouldnt be mad but the last of us, god of war etc are basically characters created by Sony or the gaming company. Spider man is a fucking original character , a historical character in my opinion and its lame af that they are doing this shit to get more ps4s sold. I love spiderman lol and these niggas depriving me

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