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Split/Second Review


Split/Second Review


  1. I ain't gonna lie Split Second was one of my favorite games when I was like 9 or 10 years old when I played this game

  2. I remember when this game and Blur came out in the same launch window…literally the exact same week and they cancelled each other out. Both were above average games IMO.

  3. I'd say this is a fair review. Yes, the AI is bonkers and yes the tracks can turn you in the opposite direction sometimes, but you get to blow up the competition! Think about that and tell me that's not totally bad***! Not to mention the sound is incredible and each car has their own distinct engine noise! Now that's dedication!

  4. This game is great, though short-lived, that said, started playing it again after few years, and loved playing it again. Loved the burnout games on PS2, but never really got into burnout paradises free-floating for some reason, found this game more enjoyable personally….

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