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The Dwarves Review


The Dwarves reviewed by Leif Johnson on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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The Dwarves Review

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  1. Just finished this game a couple of days ago. The story and Lore is awsome, but the camra sux. Loading times can be rediculous and the difficulty spike is rediculous to the point that playing it on the easiest setting can still be challenging. It is an OK game that should be played for the Lore, but frankly, everything is secondary after that. Wait till the prices fall more and then grab it. Worth a playthrough at least, but thats about it. Its an easy 1000 Achievement game as well if you are an achievement hunter. All in all, its an OK game.

  2. Everyone has their opinion and I respect that. I think it’s
    kind of tough on “Professional Reviewers”. They don’t just go off fun factor
    and probably feel they have a responsibility to point out flaws. Fair enough.
    Here is my opinion, which I have also posted elsewhere, as a “Non-Professional”

    I very much am one who agrees that the Dwarves are indeed the best medieval fantasy race!  I originally was not planning on buying this game not knowing much about it. I started watching a YouTube video on it and at a certain point I realized I was loving the story and gameplay. I snapped out of my enjoyment of watching the YouTube video and decided I had to immediately stop watching it so I can actually go out and buy/play the game.

    I was so grateful I bought this game! The dwarves focused
    story was so engaging and the characters were very enjoyable. The combat was
    fun and I always looked forward to the next battle. The voice acting was top
    notch and the game had some awesome music! This version of the Dwarves is right
    up there with Tolkien’s version which is an awesome thing.

    Yes, you could tell this game did not have the budget of a
    big budget game. It’s been significantly patched, but there were some glitches
    here and there. Nothing that was game breaking, but I sure am glad they cut
    down the load times! There is about 9-12 hours worth of gameplay if you go
    exploring all the game has to offer like I did. They have announced that they
    will be adding a free patch in March that adds additional battel challenges and
    some other extras (not sure what else). Personally, I had so much more fun with
    this game compared to some other big budget games that are beautiful and all,
    but sometimes not as charming, or even  fun. Hopefully, this game will have a significantly bigger budget next time so it can have a greater amount of content. I definitely want to see more of The

    I will be a day one purchaser for the sequel of The Dwarves!

    Oink Oink little piggies!!!

  3. I don't care how good the story is , it is delivered in a terrible manner. Combat isn't that good and walking around is plain boring. There is no roleplaying but the game forces me to play through the lore. It is not fun, it is tedious.

  4. her points are all true. the game is "cute". but that is it unfortunately. as a fan of the source materia, i am sad to say this but gameplay needs a lot more polish. combat is stiff. it might look epic as 4 dwarves against 50+orcs but in truth, you are running around from one check point to another or get the objective kill while abandoning the orcs around you.

  5. You can actually drag the map with your left mouse button. I can recommend the game it's good fun.

  6. KingArt made the genius The Book of Unwritten Tales games.

    They should finish that series instead…

  7. I had to drop it into "windowed" mode or else it would crash my Windows 10 system to reboot. After figuring that out, I'm rather enjoying it. Having read the book, it's has nice nods to the story

    (edit) You'll want use the space bar aggressively to assign attack moves. Straight real-time fighting is a recipe for failure.

  8. The only race I'd play on the Alliance side… but that would never happen because: FOR THE HORDE!

  9. Did I just hear her say "For more on fantasy role playing games"?! She didn't dare say "for more on Dwarves", eh!

  10. Too many dwarves and not enough tossing. 6.2
    No rings of power. No Peter Jackson. 6.2
    This is nothing like Pillars of Eternity. 6.2
    The Dwarves is… oh hey. Ale. 6.2

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