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TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled (PS3) Review


TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled (PS3) Review


  1. This game didn't need a remake, the original is just fine. This is a great video as usual bud. In due time, everyone will remember the username Black Metal Gamer, you're one of the best on here. There's something special about what you're doing.

  2. The original (especially the arcade version) is indeed better. I will say that this version at least drew some attention back to the original, so there's that but it still falls short even with "superior" graphics.

  3. This game has the worst music of a remake ever even worse is a old trailer for it had the arcade music and the 360 remake of double dragon 2 is way worse than this game. I mean who puts a stamina bar in beat em up and you get bad ending if you use a special move once.

  4. I played the demo when it came out and thought it was decent at best! Would have probably bought it if it was about 5 Euro at most.. lol
    Also, kudos on giving your fans a lesson on what a Roman Helmet is. haha

  5. this game apparently has a better rating on metacritic than TMNT Mutants in Manhattan, wtf reviewers?

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