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Ultra Street Fighter IV: OMEGA Mode


Ultra Street Fighter IV: OMEGA Mode


  1. Can't use omega in arcade mode.I hate capcom!!! Of they don't fix that in a patch I am boycoting street fighter 5 with it's 16 fighters and 6 dlc. King of fighters 14 will launch with 50 characters. Now ani loves the fans and doesnt for them to have to use features online or pay for Dlc. Capcom sucks. Oh and give us a Remy skin.

  2. OMG O_O tell me they added sakuras Rival school moveset cause she plays way different on there then on 4, but yeah that's a BiG difference.

  3. Check out the channel Josh Arroyo. This dudes crazy at street fighter if you wanna see some good fights check it out

  4. Hey I just bought USFIV. Online PS3 and I went to edition select and couldn't find omega mode why if theres a update how do I update it Pls Tell

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