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What do you need to play the Xbox 360 arcade?


ok so i have an 4 GB Xbox 360 slim and cant get Xbox live i really want to play minecraft with my sister(Co-op) on the same xbox 360 and so. What do you need?
To Code to Joy so do i need xbox live or just what you said?Also does that mean i dont need to buy an original xbox 360(NOT the old Xbox!)?

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  1. You need a High-Definition TV and to use HD cables (like the 5 component cables, or an HDMI cable) to play split screen on Minecraft.

  2. XBOX LIVE and XBOX 360 that is compatible with a hdmi or component (hdmi is recomended due to the fact that it is way cheaper and just as good if not better then a component cable i believe it is better) and do you have a hard drive if you do you can go to a friends house that has xboxlive connect the hard drive to his xbox make a xbox live acount buy it and put the hard drive back to your xbox connect it to to your xbox turn it on and enjoy! hope i helped and a hdmi cable for the xbox used is $17.00 and a new is $12.00 🙂

  3. you need xbox live to buy minecraft from the live marketplace, then go on my games and select minecraft. Go on options and turn on split screen. Yes you need xbox live to buy minecraft in the first place.

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