Home Xbox Forum which is better XBOX 360 or PS3?

which is better XBOX 360 or PS3?


i was thinking of getting a 360 on black friday during the sales, but i decided it was going to be cheaper after Christmas, when stores have overstock. my friend also said a PS3 was good.yeah i dont know if it was good to skip the sales, and which console to get

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  1. xbox360 owned ps3 man.

    the only thing i like about ps3 is the build in blue ray player on it.

    other than that it sucked.

    360 have better games.

  2. look ima tell you this i have a 360 i play online i can dowload and watch movies music videos and all kinds of things, on a ps3 you can also dowload crap but the variety is not as big as the 360.there are only a few games for the ps3 they are all 60 bucks least 40. a 360 as a lot of different types of games in the price rane of 60-3 dollars.oh and by the way the xbox360 just had an update you can create your own avatar and customize it.xbox360 also partnered up with netflix so you can download movies from there 2!

    if you buy a 360 add me as a friend on xbox360 TRIXIGURL4RM310

  3. PS3 Good – graphics, blue ray, potential eventually, and good exclusive games

    PS3 Bad – Price, not alot of games right now, price. , not a good online service

    Xbox Good – games, price, not a horrible dvd player, Xbox live, Xbox marketplace, file sharing with PCs, ( i had my zune hooked up to my pc, and was able to listen to music off of it from my xbox. on surround sound!)

    Xbox Bad -.umm, red rings i guess, but its really not as bad as some people make out.

    It really depends of what kind of gamer you are. I love my Xbox, but I wished MGS4 came to it, but in all Ive been really happy with the Xbox, and Xbox Live. Which the $50 yearly is totally worth it.

  4. I was in the same boat you were lol.

    i ended up getting the XBOX 360 because EVERYONE recommended me to get it.

    i love it so far no problems. although make sure it gets good airflow so it can breathe properly.

    the only thing xbox 360 makes me upset is how loud the fan is. but who cares.

    ive had it damn near a year now.

    but i think their both good man. XBOX looks better. am i right?

    Good luck on finding a 360 at this time of year lol. the xbox is always out of stock, but they will most likely have the ps3 because its not as popular in my opinion.

  5. If you like playing games then go for the 360. If you like having expensive hardware that doesn’t deliver then get a PS3.

  6. I have both for gaming I like the Xbox 360 best.

    The nice feature on the ps3 is that it plays Blue Ray’s only reason I bought it. A Blue Ray player is around 300-350. PS3 is 50$ more so I just bought a PS3.

  7. 360 has been owning the ps3 for a while. the 360 has better games (halo 3, gears of war 1,2, etc.) and in general, more people who are into it. it’s also much cheaper than the ps3. Both have their cons- red ring, lights of doom.

    also, i got a friend who lives down the street from me and has a wii (mainly for his younger sisters), 360, and ps3 and he said to a question from my bro, “Nah, man, we only got the ps3 for the blu-ray and the ps3 was a just-in-case ps3 made a comeback from their dark corner).

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