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Why does my friend keep dissing Xbox?


is he just a retard?

he says its shitty and all that stuff. he says he likes pS3 cause its free. i kind of thinnk hes stupid. i have both systems and if ur best excuse is PS3 is free, u obviously dont know wat ur talking about.im going to tell him that he shouoldnt really be talking because there are somethings xbox can do that PS3 cant.

and he also disses microsoft in general. saying Windows is *. and he’d rather have safari than Windows. iknw ik that didnt make sense hes a complete retard.

GET THIS: i asked him ” is there infamous 2 for Xbox?” he said ” no Infamous is too good for Xbox”

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  1. Xbox doesn’t have hackers online and it’s only 5 dollars a month is your friend poor? That might be an issue if he is. With the slim now xbox is better and my ps3 sucked

  2. Ask him how fun was his “free online” when the network was down for almost a month lol. But to answer your question, sounds like he’s just a Sony fanboy. And as long as the Halo and Gears of War franchise is still around, Infamous is too low class for Xbox. I’m not a fanboy for either side being I own both consoles. Just stating the facts.

  3. they both have their pros and cons, but there is a reason that xbox is pay 2 play and ps3 is free, gotta pay for the better stuff. (lol tell him that). i just watched gameplay for infamous 2 last night.didn’t like it very much, but then again i am a halo reach player

  4. Well, Xbox live as actually a real steal when you look at the benefits. Halo Reach offers players a file share and tracks every single game played (per weapon, per medal, location of kill, type of kill) breakdowns to analyse any game you’ve played. This is what you’re paying for.

    However, your friend does have a point. The main edge the Xbox has (in my opinion) over the PS3 (I own both, by the way) is the Halo franchise, Xbox Live (much less laggy and party system/invite system works well, voice communication seamlessly incorporated), and the Controller (who the heck thought of convex analogue sticks for the PS3? The trigger buttons are much better on the 360, too).

    If you disregard all that, you get a competing console which has much better hardware (able to run games with far better graphics) and a blu-ray player. Not to mention, the PS3 XMB home screen (PS3’s “dashboard”) works much much better than the Xbox 360’s and has much more functionality. Not to mention, the PS3 has a much better D-pad as well. So when your friend said that “Uncharted is too good for the Xbox,” he wasn’t necessarily lying. The CPU and GPU required to run Uncharted is not contained in an Xbox 360, an Xbox simply won’t be able to fun Uncharted without lagging under playable framerates.

    Yes, system-wise, the PS3 is much more advanced, but Xbox got a lot of things right including Halo, the controller, and online gameplay. Neither one of them sucks, they just have their own individual uses. PS3 is more single-player oriented (notice how most PS3 exclusives always have a crappy multiplayer mode (compared to Xbox) or none at all [mass effect, uncharted]) but the Xbox really shines when playing competitive online games such as Halo Reach or Halo 3.

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