Home Playstation Forum will american ps3 work in ireland?

will american ps3 work in ireland?


i have a ps3 that i bought here in new york but im moving home to ireland in a few weeks and was wondering if it will work over there? will the games work,hardware etc?

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  1. itll work with any ps3 games, but i think europe has different power chords so maybe a converter

  2. PS3 games from any country will work on your PS3 cuz they are region free (HAPPY DAYS!)

    *You’ll need an electrical conversion kit (Stop your console from malfunctioning)

    *An adapter for yer plug because the number of pins on it is different.

    *The TV connection must be changed as well because PAL and NTSC TV connections are different so go to a electronics shop and see if they sell this for the PS3.

    That’s all you really need to do.

    Be advised because your PS3 is from a different region it will not play PS2 games because they are region locked or if you have a 40GB system then it won’t play any PS2 games.

    Hope that helps.

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