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Xbox 360 2 Red Lights Suggestions?


Last night I took apart my 360 and reapplied thermal paste. I put it back together to find out that it worked, but only for 5 minutes. I tried taking it apart again and tightening the heat sinks more and cleaning the fans but it still overheats. Any more suggestions?

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  1. make sure its not being cover and put it on a flat surface not carpet, then limit your self

    every 1.5 hours of gaming take a 20 min break for it to cool down his will prevent future

    red rings and stop heat damage

    hope this helps 🙂

  2. take off the bottom,top and front covers of the 360 (remove the hard drive too) and remove the game disc if theres a disc in the tray. then use an air compressor to blow air through the bottom and top of the 360 and remove any dust inside of it. i did this two days ago and now my 360 works fine and it even works quieter than it was before i cleaned out all the dust in the console

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