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Xbox 360 controller LS grip worn away?


I’ve worn away the grip on the left stick so I was wondering if you can buy new ones anywhere?

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  1. What I did with my joystick once it worn away was get some sand paper and sand it. I gives a very cool feel to it. So far it has not worn away, so no problems.

    Here is a site to find one: [url is not allowed].

    What you are also going to need to open up the controller is a Torx T8 screwdriver. I highly recommend not opening it up with a phillips or a flat head. It will damage the screws and it will be a * to put back together (believe me).

    You can find the Torx T8 here: [url is not allowed].

    Also, if you are wondering how to take it apart properly, refer to this: [url is not allowed].

    I trust these places because I personally have used them to take apart my controllers to paint them. Believe me when I say this: That is the proper way to take apart a controller.

    Good Luck!

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