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Xbox 360 problem?


whenever i turn on my xbox the screen becomes discolored and it sometimes doesnt show any picture but you can still hear everything. It’s not the rings of death either so what do i do to fix the problem.

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  1. It’s not the red rings of death. yet. Give it time and I bet you it’ll stop working altogether. I had the same problem. Just in cause though, try this trick. (Make sure all your cables are connected right) Unpulg the video cord cable from the back of the xbox and turn it on. You’ll see 4 flashing lights. quickly put the cord back in. If that doesn’t help call 1800-4MY-XBOX

    EDIT: Give us an update and tell us if it worked!


  2. If you have an HDTV turn off the hd thing (theres a switch on one of the cords) so you can see, and than change the resolution to your TV, thats what happened to me.

    If you have a normal TV, all I have to say is unplug the cords, and plug them back in.

  3. check your xbox hdmi outputs the colored things you plug in. It might not be plugged in with the right color or not plugged in all the way. If its not that then its probably on the wrong input

  4. It IS the red ring of death. just without the red ring of death! It means you are close to total failure.

    If it’s within the 1 year warranty then MS is your best option. The extended warranty only covers 3 red lights so they won’t fix that for free but they might for $$$.

    OR.you could buy an x-clamp replacement kit from me on ebay.co.uk for £5 ($11).

    It’s simply a replacement for the x-clamps that holds the heatsinks down properly with the right sized bolts, washers and a sachet of high quality thermal paste to replace the awful MS thermal pads + my repair guide is v good with lots of pics and is really easy to follow.

    [url is not allowed].

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