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Xbox 360 Three Red Light Error – Permanent Fix to E74 Error


The Xbox 360 is the next generation video game console from Microsoft. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 2 were the strong competitors in the market during its release. From the consumers point of view, Xbox 360 was economical with rich set of features when compared to the PlayStation 2 and the price is also comparatively less when compared with PS2. The most important fact is that it is a branded product as it came from the Microsoft and hence children and adults worldwide were eager to buy the Xbox 360 console than the PlayStation 2 of the Sony.


Since its introduction to the market, Xbox 360 was facing a huge problem. The users were complaining about its failure. Majority of the users complained about the overheating of the console and the red light errors. This problem irritates the users as their game gets spoiled in the middle. When examined, it was found that many consoles had similar kind of problems. This was found out as the consoles were showing an error message called as the E 74 on the screen when the error occurs. This error is called as the “Three Red Lights Error” as there are three red lights glowing in the power ring area when the error occurs. The power ring consists of LED lights that are capable of glowing in green and red color depending upon the condition of the console. The light glows in green color when the console is working without any problem and turns into red in color when they have any hindrance to their working. Apart from the three red light errors, there are some other type of errors such as the single, two and four red lights error. But, these errors are easy to solve by the users themselves when compared with that of the three red light error.


The reason for the occurrence of the three red light error is the failure of the heat sinks. The function of the heat sink is to cool the surrounding air of the processors so that the processors can work for a long time. Since the temperature rises beyond the threshold level, the heat sinks were not able to serve its purpose. Hence, we need to give additional cooling to the console. This can be done in many ways. The best way is to remove the X clamps of the heat sinks so that the air cools the processor from the bottom of the motherboard.

Repairing can be done in several ways. You can either give your console to a service center or you can repair the console on your own. Repairing the console on your own is the best choice as giving the console to a service center won’t give you a permanent fix. Some other disadvantages associated with the service centers are the cost and time involved. You need to wait for 4 to 12 weeks to get your console repaired from the service center. Moreover, you cannot repair your console if yours is a modded console.

Hence, repairing the console on your own is the best and economical way. Xbox gamers recommend repairing your console on your own. Xbox gamers also recommend you to watch a video tutorial to complete the repair work successfully. This video tutorial will guide you through the step by step repair process. Repair work can be done with the help of normal household tools. It takes just an hour to repair your console and once the repair work is over, you can start playing with the console in the very next hour.

Check out how I repaired my Xbox 360 console

I have documented the procedure so that others can make use of the same procedure to repair their console. Checkout how I repaired my console and got my Xbox 360 up and running without any red light errors. Xbox 360 Repair Procedure [http://xboxredlightsfix.info] Xbox 360 repair video tutorials

Check out how you can get rid of those red light errors using video tutorials which are available in the internet. These video tutorials will guide you through the step by step repair procedure and you can repair your Xbox 360 in just one hour. Xbox 360 Repair Videos [http://xboxredlightsfix.info]

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