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xbox live – enabling dmz?


i am having trouble playing against my friends on live, the rest of the time its ok.

i have tried opening ports but that didnt work, set static ip on xbox and everything but still didnt work.

if i set dmz on my router it only allows me to specify one ip which i set to my xbox. now i can play against frineds but no other computer can access the internet!? any help greatly appreciated

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  1. If you set DMZ for the 360, then remove all the port forwarding settings you made. (If you haven’t done so already)

    Setting a DMZ shouldn’t prohibit the other computers/IP addresses from accessing the internet. I’d take a strong look at the other settings and make sure you didn’t activate anything unintentionally. Especially look at the DHCP scope settings and make it as large as your network needs. (I usually make it 10 IP addresses at least)

    Best of luck, but the problem is a setting in your router for sure.

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