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xbox live failed, need help!?


My xbox has been working fine forever but a couple of weeks ago, when i was trying to connect to live, it wouldn’t let me connect. I ran the tests and it said that xbox live failed but the xbox service wasn’t down. Also, certain websites such as xbox.com weren’t working on my computer. I kept trying to figure it out and running the connection test and it would either fail at xbox live or MTU. Later that night, i tried to connect again and it worked. Today, my girlfriend was playing on her account and it all of the sudden logged her off and the same thing is happening again. My setup is a DSL modem with a linksys router and i connect my xbox to the router via an ethernet cable. It’s still not letting either of us connect even though both of our subscriptions are valid. If anyone knows how to fix this so that we don’t always have to play the waiting game and hope that it works, please let me know!

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  1. If you have a router there are certain ports that need to be opened / forwarded then it should work

  2. try holding in the reset button on your modem and see if this helps

    also, make sure your modem firmware is up to date

    this may be a problem with your DSL provider, try running a speed test with your computer next time this happens

    I get the “xbox live failed” when my ping is too high and/or my download/upload speed hits zero or the xbox server gets a no response from my DSL provider

  3. Yeah man mine is doing the same thing. I thought about calling 1800 4 MYXBOX but i doubt they would have any ideas. just give it a few days

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