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6 Reasons Battlefield 1 is BEST on Xbox One S | Battlefield 1 Bundle Unboxing 4K


Graeme’s got his hands on the brand new Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Bundle. Find out all the details and get yours here…

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6 Reasons Battlefield 1 is BEST on Xbox One S | Battlefield 1 Bundle Unboxing 4K


  1. BF1 on PS4 and Xbox One are comparable, roughly the same FPS with Xbox One dropping down to 720p more often than PS4, but both consoles are looking at variable resolution between 720p-900p so the difference is marginal. The only reasons BF1 would be "best" on Xbox One are (1) lack of hacking that goes on in the PC version (I have the PC version and this is a serious issue on here), and (2) better connection reliability than PSN on Xbox Live. Both consoles drop FPS to around 40-50 most of the time in online matches as well.

  2. Well EA Access isn't exclusive to xbox at all, they have Origin Access which is essentially the same thing for pc. Don't get me wrong I like my Xbox One S and the HDR on some games like Forza Horizon 3 is great, but it doesn't beat out my PC at all.

  3. The blu-ray player is cheaper cause it's a mediocre player. It's nowhere near the same class as other REAL blu-ray players.

  4. It would be cool if you could just hook the xbox 360 to xbox one s for easy transfer of data instead of going through the cloud. My xbox 360 controllers are not compatible with Xbox One S and there is no perceivable change in design You'er getting closer microsoft xbox scorpio looks promising

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