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Ark Survival Evolved PS4 – In Depth Review


Ark Survival Evolved PS4 - In Depth Review


  1. Have they fixed any of these issues you mentioned yet? Thinking about picking this up in the sale.

  2. I can't go 10 mins without dying. Idk how people get these huge fortresses and tame dozens of dinosaurs

  3. great video man. i get the game is about survival and looking to improve your gear and player and live out in this virtual world but do you ever feel like your stuck doing nothing? i had the same first impressions of the game about it looking like a harvest simulator and such but like you said they dont really give you that much information so i feel like eventually building your base and taming creatures get boring. i know theres not a storyline but is there anything that kinda helps make progression more exciting? the game looks incredible regardless.

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