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ARK Survival Evolved PS4 Review


ARK Survival Evolved PS4 Review

ARK: Survival Evolved, Early Access Review


  1. OK guys I forgot to Add that I think the game is overpriced as well. I
    think it should be $30 bucks with the option of buying the DLC later..
    NOT $55. wait for sale if your on the fence!

  2. It's like $60 and I know it will have a lot of content but is it a decent PC crossover platform?

  3. yea what sucks is even on Jurassic Park 3 when he printed out the skull and blew through it, I immediately thought how I know Grant has vocal chords that are creating vibrations to compress through the bone structure of the skull… but if the dinosaur had longer or shorter vocal chords, it should make a difference in pitch AND tone, along with the muscles. …and I may be wrong about all of that. but yea it bothers me how no one can know for sure how any dinosaur sounded , nor do we know for sure the coloration of their skin. But I'm sure it followed evolution where they were mostly camoflauged… ok now I'm nerding out, haha! btw, your voice is actually soothing and relaxing!!!! most male YouTubers yell so much and come off as fake, and lots of female voices are SO high pitched in tone that it hurts my ears. But yours is perfect, and you're not constantly yelling! I can understand a yell or several if playing a horror game, but yelling for ridiculous reasons irritates me xD. Ok sorry I wrote too much,and hope I didn't come off as inappropriate. thank you again for this upload.

  4. they're probably pushing the pro because of the Random generating capabilities compared to the original PS4. UGH, why can't I find an awesome girl to play games with lol. yea I agree, dinosaurs are under-represented. I looked up this review because I wasn't sure if I should get this game or not. I have a ps4 pro and I've decided I will buy it 🙂 … I have the money to spare and it looks fun AND challenging. thank you

  5. I play on a private server I heard you complain about the lag on jayex video it's a player dedicated SC hes on 24/7 so you can play 24/7 unless it crashes. ive never occurred an crash but I also play for 6-7 hours. it's a very hostile server but there is some rules and I only play on weekends so I barely play but I play it alot and have alot of hours in the private servers and the admins are pretty nice.

  6. I have a random question. How do servers work where you play by yourself? Is it like Minecraft where you make your own world or do you have to pay for it like buying your own server?

  7. got to say your review was the best review I've seen by far
    you even made me laugh thanks for that and if u review other game like ign does ide rather watch your review instead

  8. That is why I bought Ark. Open world, survival, and most importantly, no zombies! So over Zombies. Love 7 Days, but they have pretty much screwed that game, the 7 Day hordes are now pathetic.
    This game is a whole new experience! You should try Scorched Earth, it is way harder then the standard maps.

  9. you say the dinosaurs are terrifying but you beat that dinosaur like nothing.. it just stood there

  10. The flyer nerf, was to get people to use the land dinos, there are a ton of land dinos that people weren't using

  11. 3 saddles would be to easy, pick and choose, mindwipe tonic you can reset stats but get the points back, plus my guy, you haven't played it long enough

  12. wow i really wish more people had made honest videos about this game like you. Thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it budd. thanks!

  13. This is the first video I've seen by you. Your review is very coherent and easy to follow. You make a lot of really good points and display them clearly. I'm really surprised you don't have more subscribers than you do. Nice video. You earned yourself a new a subscriber:)

  14. OK so here is my opinion about ark. It is a nice game with good potential to be a great game.

    1:PVP aspects in this game is not balanced, the reason why i say this is that: The game is not really pvp when its aimed at taming hundreds of dinos doing the job for you. Taming dinos takes no skill and there is really no PVP action as its always one tribes dinos vs another tribes dinos and not really player vs player.

    2: There are way to Manny dinos on the map, and it kinda makes it feel like no effort to find dinos.They should make it harder to find certain dinos, it will feel more rewarding.

    3: IMO big dinos should not be tamable ,it takes the realism out of the game and the fear out of the game. I mean a T rex/ giga is a really big dino that can cause mass destruction as we have seen in Manny movies over the years. But yet in ark it seem like a seamless casual walk in the park " oh well ill just go tame 2 rexes or two gigas and breed them in mass numbers.

    4: There should be a cap limit of 50 dinos per tribe.To give the game a more pvp feel and not totally rely on just your dinos when there is PVP action.

    5:I feel the developer of this game has totally lost the plot with tek, i mean sharks with lazers it does int really feel like much of a survival game anymore. Ark would best be set in primitive times.

  15. I agree with this review, ark is a good game but the developers don't know how to balance this game.

  16. Little conflicted as to whether I should get it or not. I play on a ps4 and I'm definitely not a hardcore gamer. But the premise of the game sounds really cool. Just wonder if the negative points you mentioned are gonna be a dealbreaker or not.

  17. So……..this idiot doesent realise that Studio Wildcard got sued by jealous companies which led them to release scorched earth as an act to gain more money from what they lost? Wow, either your jumping aboard the hate train or just havent done your research. So how the hell am i supposed to trust you with this review. As far as what i saw this is simply your OPINIONS being stated. If im looking for a review im expecting objective statements then leaving your audience to decide if they wanna get a game or not. A more fitting title for this vid would be "Nekks impressions" or "Ark rant" or whatever the hell instead of review.

  18. I love ark and my first reaction was to rage at your review. However, listening to your reasoning and personal feelings I have to say, well played. I love the game, a lot. And while I didn't enjoy scorched earth or consider it worth the 20 dollars I felt the ARK GAME was worth the extra 20, I wanted to give them the money so they could do more with the game. But never learned a lot of this backstory. Still love the game, but more wary of wildcard.

  19. Well said Sir, Keep the vid content comming! You vids are very well put together, informative and entertaining. Long time viewer!

  20. I can barely run this game at low settings at 30fps and I can run battlefield 1 at 50-60 or more depending on the map at high and ultra settings

  21. I bought and played this game and decided to uninstall it wasn't that great for me due to me not being dedicated to the game and let me down due to it just not bringing me in

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