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Banner Saga 2 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”


Banner Saga 2 Review


  1. I really respect your reviews. it's pleasant to watch, easy to listen to, and informative all at the same time. they are so well crafted. can you do a video on the issues of making a review? how much game time and testing do you need to create a fair review… bucking opinion tends…

  2. I really love the fact that you review games deeply with a lot of details. I'm tired of 2 minutes reviews of all the big reviewers. Keep posting! Thank you!

  3. Dying in battle can have huge story repercussions tho. Not to spoil anything but i actually failed the last battle due to a miscalculation and OOOH BOOOYY SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

  4. I dont believe that it is fair to judge the sound of an inde game when they dont have the same budget but otherwise the complaints are good ones overall great job

  5. Great review, can wait to play this baby! Lets hope some publisher with the $$$ picks them up in the future so they can make this even better!

  6. My view would be – Buy if interested in strategy/intellectual/puzzle games, but wait for sale if average consumer or enjoy more action-packed games.

  7. Just about to finish BS1, from what I can tell from your review is that your character levels carry over to the next game? Do items as well? 🙂

  8. Great review, very critical but fair. I will say from my understanding of Banner Saga 1 and was most likely the issue with 2 in terms of voice acting, is that it would cost twice the budget of the game to voice act that many lines. As you mentioned, it was because of budget, and sadly it just wasn't feasible.

  9. I've watched a couple reviews now and nobody seems to talk about the introduction of chance-based mechanics in combat. In the first game the only time you relied on chance was when attacking an enemy with higher armor, which you were supposed to avoid doing, or if using one of the few crit items. But now they've added special talents to improve all the stats and EVERY SINGLE TALENT is chance-based. In a tactical turn-based game where the simple math of Armor vs Strength is supposed to govern gameplay, this huge introduction of random chance completely ruined my enjoyment of combat. Am I the only one?

  10. I only discovered your channel lateley and I must say I love your reviews. They're in depth, entertaining, funny and critical.
    Keep on going!

  11. Wait for a sale. Combat is antiquated, pretends to give players choice but it doesn't matter what you do, it hasn't improved at all over the previous game, lazy effort. The amazing new barricade feature just makes the game longer, you spend 2-3 turns stuffing around to get units into position. I had a lot of bugs, crashed quite a few times, units kept flashing and disappearing. The last battle of the game is pointless, it doesn't matter if you win of loose same outcome. Lame, lazy game design.

  12. have to disagree on the sound…it can feel canned compared to other games, but once you get into the battle system the sound tells you a lot about what's actually happening in the battle

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