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Bayonetta (Xbox 360) Review


Bayonetta (Xbox 360) Review


  1. I named my guinea pig after Bayonetta because I love this game so much! Btw love your reviews and just listened to your podcast with my old friend Ant. I too love console games also

  2. Probably the best action game ever, really captures the fantastical, epic and fun nature of old school games but in a modern context. The replay value is insanely high and I don't replay games too often.

  3. Great review Richard. I've meaning to play this again, I own a copy myself. You're right though, I loved how over the top the action is in this. The gigantic bosses you take down and of course Bayonetta getting 80% naked to perform her ultimate special attack. Such a solid action game.

  4. just played bayonetta 2. i really like the first bayonetta, but its not even comparable to bayonetta 2. bayonetta 2 is way more colorful, looks better, plays better, and it just takes everything the first one did and makes it 10x more awesome

  5. Great review. I beat Bayonetta earlier today on the Wii U and I'm planning on starting the sequel in a couple of days. I have to say, one of the best games I've ever played. Insanely fun gameplay, brilliant lead character, great levels and it was just the right length (took me about 13 hours to beat). Plus the story (although it was silly and didn't make much sense) was hilariously over the top as well as a heck of a lot of fun sort of in a Devil May Cry way.

    The best thing about it is, while I'm going to play Bayonetta 2 next, I can see myself returning to this game pretty often for as long as I live. The replay incentive is insane and it's a testament to how good and well paced the game is. I still have so much to unlock as far as techniques, weapons and costumes. That plus the harder difficulties…wow. I also love the fact that you can practice in the loading screens especially considering I'm not that good at it at the moment. I died a ridiculous amount of times, but I never got frustrated which just shows what a masterpiece this game is.

    The game is really old school as well which I love. Very challenging, over the top action and fun as well as being very much a game that you get better at the more you play (and it's a game you want to get better at). It's also filled with tons of references and nods to other games that I love…it's an awesome game. Can't wait to play 2. I have no idea how they could possibly top the first game but considering the amount of praise Bayonetta 2 is getting, I'm quaking with excitement.  

  6. Great review man you're right it's not all of it in that you find yourself still having lots of fun with a video game campaign after 12 hours in I know it's totally different but I recently picked up I used copy of dark souls 1 of the most horrible game s I have ever played I know it's a game that suppose to test your video game limits I don't have a problem with that the problem that I have with that game is that it feels like a hack that someone may need just to make people feel miserable I have never played this game that you have reviews but if I see it I will definitely pick it up great job buddy

  7. Nice review, never played Bayonetta but would grab it if we crossed paths, not a huge fan of this genre, i've played all the Onimusha series but that was many years ago(my favorite of this type). I've dabbled and completed a few of DMC/GoW/Metal Gear Rising etc and although i had fun with them, not nearly enough for me to want more or expand on their respective series.

  8. Bayonetta is phenomenal as a fan of the genre it's as great as games like devil may cry 3 and ninja gaiden black.

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