Home Videos Biggest CHANGES Made In The New PS4 Model (CUH-1200)

Biggest CHANGES Made In The New PS4 Model (CUH-1200)


Biggest CHANGES Made In The New PS4 Model (CUH-1200)

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  1. I prefer the touch sensor buttons my best friend had that ps4 model but I have this one a and I don't mind this I love it because ps4 is my favourite console but as I said I prefer the touch sensor button

  2. This may sound dumb but when I ordered my ps4 it had the picture of the glossy finish one and I thought that it was the only model there was so when I pulled it out of the box it was all matte and I seriously thought the sent me a fake. I was so relieved when I saw this video. please tell me someone else did this.

  3. my HP phivilion laptop busted while iam playing 5 hours in day so I choose ps4 now which one CUH is better for me. I will play the games daily 4 5 hours..

  4. I just got a ps4. put in a game. and now it's updating. taking 17 hours to do so. and the ps4 shuts off. I can't play any games.
    dunno if I made a mistake buying a ps4.

  5. Hey gameranx , is there any changes in graphics performance in 1200 compared to the older ones?

  6. 2:17 maybe it's just to make sure customers are getting 1200 not 1100 because they're receiving complains that it's written on box that it's 1tb 1200 but it's hardware is really 1100 1tb

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