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Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions GamePlay


Cabela's Hunting Expeditions GamePlay


  1. Just so you know, there are only 5 white rhinoes ON EARTH! Have fun killing them in this sick and twisted game!

  2. Anyone know if Cabela still puts out a game with hunting different animals, Animal sounds before hunting and having different modes of travel? This game looks boring.

  3. Is a bunny innocent when a snake kills it for dinner, is a hawk guilty when it kills a mouse?
    What if it were just a game?
    I bet you kill fruit and vegetables when you eat them. Do they feel pain? Some science says they do. Death is a part of life, thats just the way it is. Through games you can learn to kill and not just injure.
    Bet you would seek out a hunter if the world goes to hell, and it seems to be headed there faster each day. In any case it's just a game.

  4. "Some animals are good at hunting and other are good at being hunted so clearly God must smile on hunting" Aristotle

  5. What bullshit, an adult rhino wouldn't instantly fall like that on a lung shot, I know a small deer runs a couple of meters after a shot like that

  6. I laugh every time I see someone post this. Its a game not real life therefore innocent animals aren't being killed.

  7. Wow i bet these guys are just sick they made a game were you kill innocent animal
    great job!

  8. Better killing innocent animals just in games than doing this in real nature … (same is of course for any ego shooter ;> ) Looks artificial but detailed…

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