Home Playstation Forum Cant hook up 22″ Hannspree monitor to my PS3?

Cant hook up 22″ Hannspree monitor to my PS3?


Just tried hooking the HDMI cable that goes directly from the monitor’s HDMI input to the HDMI output on my video card- to my PS3 and i’m getting ‘no signal, check connections’ this seems straight forward. what am i missing here? i dont understand why the monitor is not displaying anything, under wrong resolution or not. 🙁

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  1. You have to force the PS3 to see the LCD/HDMI connection.

    Leave the HDMI connected, but also connect the Analog or component connected.turn on your PS3 and set the TV to see the Analog/Component input to see the message say that HDMI has been detected, do you want to use it. After going through the steps your screen will go black. Switch the TV to HDMI and disconnect the analog/component cables from the LCD/TV.

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