Home Xbox Games CGRundertow – BAYONETTA for Xbox 360 Video Game Review Part One

CGRundertow – BAYONETTA for Xbox 360 Video Game Review Part One


CGRundertow - BAYONETTA for Xbox 360 Video Game Review Part One


  1. i hate that Mark aint doing CGR anymore. i always go back and play m older games starting by watching his review first to hype me up.

  2. I love this game, it's so addicting and Bayonetta is the best female video game character of all time in my opinion!!!XD

  3. Some of y'all need to fuck off. She didn't bash the game one bit. Give her shit cause she's a female eh? Fucking losers. Bayonetta is awesome thus far…I'm only about 2 1/2 hours into it.


    Into the trash it goes.I've had too much femnazi bullshit this year.

  5. 4 minute waste of time only good info Amanda gave was "get it for Xbox360" but she did not go into great detail as to why so. -1/5 worst reviewer.

  6. I just finished this game. It was great and I recommend it. I played it on PS3 and if you install the game data, the load times are barely 10 seconds in my experience. Also, It runs fine on PS3 despite people complaining it's not 60FPS. There was virtually no slowdown while I was playing even when a lot was going on on screen.

  7. You have not provided a single piece of evidence to back up your opinion. You haven't even made an argument. In fact, your only criticism of Bayonetta is that it is "sexist," and even that you have failed to "prove". The burden of proof is on you, because your opinion is vastly outside of the mainstream. But you have merely asserted a vague dislike, without even bothering to employ capital letters or punctuation.

    You have the chutzpah to demand "proof"?

    Don't give yourself away, troll.

  8. The two games are not comparable; they're not even the same genre. However, Bayonetta is superior: Beyond Good & Evil is notable for its syle and story, but its gameplay is mediocre at best.

  9. go play beyond good and evil and play a truly masterful game with a female protagonist for a change….

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