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cheapest place to buy ps3?


I have noticed the ps3 prices are not coming down. And after buying two an 80g and 120g slim they both have broken. Ive had my xbox 360 from release and had no problems but I do prefer the ps3. I just wondering wheres cheapest place to buy a ps3

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  1. Pawnshop



    Buy one with a really small hard drive, then replace the hard drive with a new larger one.


  2. umm NO you just have bad luck or you dont take care of your crap, xbox is the one that breaks down on you so chill with what you said.

    now back to your question. i would say bestbuy because you get a 250gb system thats normally 350$ *alone* & with madden 11 even if you dont like madden get it an sell it bcuz there giving you a 250gb for 250 with a 60$ game that right there is a bestbuy < < lol :) good luck p.s i think its limited tho so dont waste time thinking about getting it or not. 🙂

  3. Ebay,


    your local gamestation store,



    All great sites, for fair prices.

  4. New PS3 consoles auction for about $50 on Ishop4Cheap.com. They start at $1 and go up by 1 penny with each bid. Once time runs out the leading bidder gets the item. I’ve never seen a PS3 go for more than $100 on there.

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