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Demon’s Souls Offline Duplication Glitch (self duping)


Here, I’m showing you folks how to do the stockpile Thomas consumable items and upgrade stones duplication glitch. This is a glitch that I typically use to duplicate moon grass and upgrade stones to reduce monotonous farming. Also, Demon’s Souls can be duplicated to prevent having to do multiple playthroughs in order to earn all miracles, all spells and all unique weapons trophies. Furthermore, this glitch can be exploited to duplicate soul items like Legendary Hero’s Soul, allowing you to level up to your heart’s desire. How you use the glitch is up to you. Weapons, armor and arrows however cannot duplicated using this method.

Demon's Souls Offline Duplication Glitch (self duping)


  1. This works but the Binding Ring is way easier.. you stay in the nexus anyways and can keep doing it without seeing loading screens. You just press CIRCLE when the spell starts to cancel it.

  2. Thanks for putting this video up!! Has helped me get through allot of tough times in the game

  3. thanks for the vids. Im just wondering, is it possible to dupe shard of archstone using this glitch??

  4. You can stop the teleportation by mashing O to exit Thomas' menus. It saves a bit of time and if you're using the Nexial Binding, you won't lose any souls.

  5. Thank you, sir. Very easy to understand instructions. ^_- I appreciate it! This helps for obtaining the Platinum while doing solo offline without having to do like 4 playthroughs.

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