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Divekick – PS4 gameplay 1080p60 ★


Divekick - PS4 gameplay 1080p60 ★

Now that we’ve received our flying powers, Dusty the cat is going to teach us how to divekick our enemies! Aim for the bright red weakness marker! Evolution has clearly not been kind to these enemy creatures haha!

Enjoy more gameplay in 60fps from Gravity Rush Remastered!

Wanna buy it now? The asia edition is in English apparently! Links here –
Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 (English/Chinese subs) – http://www.play-asia.com/gravity-rush-remastered-chinese-english-subs/13/70987x?affiliate_id=1835647

Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 (JPN) – http://www.play-asia.com/gravity-daze/13/7097a7?affiliate_id=1835647

Gravity Rush Remastered [PS4] GAMEPLAY #2 - DIVEKICK!

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  1. physical dodge button would be much more useful.
    I actually had 5 play through on the vita. and 3 platinum, 2 for my friends.

  2. why did you not buy the english ver and how long have you not play this,another thing spoiler alert

    the level where you fight echo who has been possesed by a nevi i thought that was really hard and annoying cause you cant hit echo if not the meter will progress further and i was literally spinning around for me to complete it but not i can do well but ps4 remote and the screen stays well on your cabinet thing or something so yeah when you get there tell me your thoughts

  3. i suggest kamen rider battride war genesis, it will came out february 2016 the gameplay is similar to dynasty warrior

  4. hey nihongo gamer.what is the best country to make a psn account.cause i have a vita.and which console should i buy next.i have collected some money and will keep collecting.any suggestions?.

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