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Forza 5 Trailer (Xbox One Graphics)


Forza 5 Trailer with in-game Xbox One graphics looking sharp and shiny. Xbox One game Forza 5 is a launch game, with release date November 22 2013. (This new Forza 5 trailer is made of in-game footage.)

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Forza 5 Trailer (Xbox One Graphics)


  1. That's hilarious that someone would say their xbox 360 has these graphics so why go spend money on this system and game. Forza 5 and Xbox one make 360 games look like child's games.

  2. When this is an ad for another video on youtube, the sound just keeps playing even after the 30 second ad is done.  It's freaking annoying cause it only happens with this game and freaking trailer! 

  3. My 360 has these graphics. Why would I go and buy xboxONE and waste my money? Answer me!!!!

  4. To the person that said that the 360 wouldnt run this game, yes I know that but games are made across platforms all the time like for example they made Call of Duty Ghost for the 360 and the XBox One.

  5. A console seller! Looks so much better then Gran Turismo 6. Which was always better then Forza. But just looking at the available cars a graphics, it looks amazing.

  6. is it just me or does this game feel a little confused about what it wants to be… Ive heard theres 1/2 f1 cars and indy cars just feels a bit gimmicky to me, like theyve only put them in to appeal to a wider audience and sell more copies, cheapens the game imo.

  7. Write in 'reply' what you think are the three most exiting confirmed things for forza 5… 

    Heres mine… 
    1. F1 cars and tracks
    2. Clubman cars (eg. arial atom and KTM X-blade)
    3. Better customisation (you saw that gold Aventador didnt you)

  8. ARE YOU A MAN THAN YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!!! helicopters!!! FAST cars! and most of all  CRASHES!!!!!!!

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