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GameSpot Reviews – The First Templar – Review (PC)


GameSpot Reviews - The First Templar - Review (PC)

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  1. I got this game for one dollar and I like it, c'mon for one dollar you can't complain too much xD

  2. According to their history they earned the respect of the Muslim warriors and embraced Muslim culture while occupying the Holy Land. They even allowed Muslims to pray in their church. The true history is more complicated than the scapegoats the Templars became for other powerful interests

  3. But they were still a corrupt group of thugs, who saw a free pass to rape and loot the middle eastern countries of the holy land, and get out of hell for it too

  4. The Templars weren't angels, but whether you like it or not they protected Western civilization. As I said before: No renaissance, no Enlightenment, and no modern democracy without the Templars.

    I don't know what your point is about King Philip, he was your typical monarch who waged war against a group who had wealth and land he wanted. Your own quote describes him as a bully.

  5. I think you misunderstood my comment. I wasn't implying that he hated the game. Just that his tone was similar to that of a kid giving a report on a book he hated.

  6. I personally am an AC fan and I have played the game and like it way more then AC because it was made in my country and did a good job on it :).

  7. Why do all Gamespot reviewers sound like 4th graders giving book reports about books they hated?

  8. It was a real shame that Assassins Creed portrayed them as evil people who were total assholes. I understand that they wanted you to want to kill them, so portraying them as evil would be a good way to make you 'hate' them. But come on, I'm sure they could have found some other way to make you want to kill them but still keep them realistic.

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