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Get Ready For Next Gen PS4 Reveal At E3 – Is PlayStation 4 Portable In The Works


Get Ready For Next Gen PS4 Reveal At E3 – Is PlayStation 4 Portable In The Works. Get Ready For Next Gen PS4 Reveal At E3 – Is PlayStation 4 Portable in works
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Get Ready For Next Gen PS4 Reveal At E3 - Is PlayStation 4 Portable In The Works

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  1. Yes handheld need mega support and great third party games the switch is lacking in third-party and all it has indie titles that's not enough to see the switch and yet I'm surprised that the switch is doing very well which is a good time

  2. you are dreaming bro. sony already announced than they not gonna make any portable console any soon due to pressure from mobile devices such as phone/tablets

  3. I was a strong supporter of Vita until Sony just kept doing half steps leading up to PS4 release. In order for them to rightfully gain trust from portable consumers, this portable needs to be a PS4 full stop. That way their studios aren't split like before and Horizon Zero Dawn on a portable would get me into Sony's ecosystem again. If it's something more powerful than Switch but still requires Sony to support it with games, I probably won't bite, cause I'd know better.

  4. Ask your self what if you can play Horizon Zero and God Of War on a Handheld ? The technology is out there , Yes .. More powerful Mobile chips than PS4 it self … if that happened it will run Nintendo Switch out of its money.

  5. The only problem with this is the battery will be absolutely huge and heavy (3 times larger than your typical laptop battery) and will require a large chassis that offers adequate cooling similar in size to small laptops. You are essentially looking at something equivalent in size to a 14" laptop and thats not even including the battery. The new 16nm 1050 in laptops is roughly equal to the PS4 gpu in performance (1.7tflop) and the typical laptop battery will give 45minutes to 1 hour of gameplay in modern games. So you'd need a 3x larger laptop.

  6. That was my fear : Xcorpio VR gaming and PS " Switch " clone at E3 . And apparently both will be true .

  7. i can imagine having a ps4 portable that hooks into your ps4/ps4 pro via usb port and download any game and game data fron your ps4 to play on the go…sign me up for that shit!! that sounds fuckin boss as fuck!! u could even use it as a controller when playing on your actual ps4 and use the portable devices screen for dif things in game. i think done right this could be fuckin sick. make it $200 bucks n u got a winner there

  8. Sony would be stupid to announce a new console because that would be their 3rd console in 1 year and people will get pissed

  9. honestly they sold 60 Mill rite…… why not bring it the 5 sooner then 20 they've made their money, but I know Sony isn't like that they are suck on a console generation is always X about of years

  10. =_= they don't support it saying that their resources are better spent on PS4. The lose a whole bunch of studios, so with even less resources, they burn vita owners and now they are supposed to be putting out another Playstation portable….. Really? I will believe it when I see it

  11. well if it actually just uses the digital games you already have then this would be great if it requires people to buy games again … this will be a lot less valuable to play station owners

  12. Sony has to release a new PlayStation portable especially in Japan where the Nintendo Switch is dominating and 3DS is also outselling ps4. Vita is losing Japan in monthly sells. By April 2018 the Nintendo Switch will be the best selling gaming in Japan by a large margin I guarantee.

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