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Free to play mech shooter Hawken dropped on consoles for the first time recently, having launched in open beta on PC back in 2012.
Mike Williams has reviewed the game on PS4 to let you know what it’s about, and if it’s worth your time!

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  1. I just came here to watch the very fist video. 8 months, you are younger than expected you do great keep it up.

  2. The problem i had with hawken was the broken multiplayer on PC. when 3-4 of my friends and i tried to find a server to get into to play toghter. we where not able to get all in. it was not even becaurse of missing slots. we found servers with no one playing and plenty of slots. and stil where not able to get everyone in.
    that kinda ruined it for us since we loved the game when we where able to play toghter. but to many time we used so much time on getting into a server that we simply gave up.

    in conclution. the game was great and well made. but their multiplayers was/is not working correctkly. and this was tried over and year ago and again for about 14 days ago. they still have this problem, at least on the pc version.

  3. I cant even play the game… I downloaded it and when I open the game it just tells me login Failed Error:51C58D8A

  4. I would like to apologize for messaging you over steam while you were recording, Gareth. It was never my intention to interrupt.

  5. Thought you might enjoy Mike's review of Hawken on the PS4. Do you want to see more stuff like this on the channel?

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