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How do i know if my xbox 360 is a newer or older model?


i have the serial number for my xbox 360, i bought it from the store, but you never know how long it could have sat on the shelves, so i was wondering, how can i tell when MY console was manfufactured so as to find out if it is one of the newer or older models, thank you

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  1. you never know how long is that xbox360 was on the shelves or something Else my parent say when you see a item it is the last one it not good idea to buy it who knows its was use or broken, the only good to buy is in a box you can tell no one was using it is new.

  2. it will say the manufacture date on the back by the serial number. here is a picture to help you out [url is not allowed]. is where it says mfr date

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