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How do I transfer data from one Xbox 360 hard drive to another?


I want to go from one 20GB to another one. This is because my xbox just died, but the hard drive is fine. I bought it from costco and it is possible to return it there for a new one if I return everything that originally came with it. That means I would have to return the hard drive with all of my save content. Is it possible to transfer the content to another hard drive(my friend’s) and then return it to the new hard drive that would come with the xbox I would buy?

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  1. DO NOT use the data transfer cable on your friends HD, it was meant as a one time deal and will overwrite everything already on a hard drive.

    You can use a memory card to transfer info thou, we used that instead of the data transfer cable when we upgraded from 20 to 120 HD.

    Another option would be to talk to the store manager about keeping your HD and having them keep the new HD when you exchange. Most of the time this is not a problem for retailers,(worked in retail and have also personally exchanged things this way) as long as they don’t want to just be a pain

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