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How do i use my other PSN ID on PS3 ()?


I want to sign in my other account but it says “You may not sign into someone else ID”. I’m trying to use another ID for the FIFA 10 game. Anyone know what i’m doing wrong?


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  1. Try creating a new user account

    If you do not know how to;

    1) Go to the very left of the XMB, where the power off icon is, and it’s right below that

    2) Create a name, and you have a second user on your PS3, that’s still capable of the other DLCs and Saved content you have

    3) Go to where the Sign In is, and when you click that, choose the option that is like “Use an existing account” or something

    4) Type in your other account’s email and password

    Der you have it, you should be able to play FIFA 10 on your other account now, but every time you do you’re gonna have to switch users (kind of like switching users on a PC)

  2. you have to make another login on the ps3, when you first turn on the ps3 just create another user and then login to the psn network with your other account

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