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How do you build a second story on Sims 3 for Xbox?


Ive been trying to figure this out, and everyone just says oh click that button. But I dont have that button! haha, so I am asking for a step by step button by button guide to do this, I am not the most tech savvy. Plus I just got an xbox so I’m not to good at it yet.

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  1. Make new player you should come to a spot where there is a empty space click on that an you should have a new player to play with. try geting 8gb sandisk hard drive at wallmart 24$. for xbox360

  2. First, you need to open the manual for the game and familiarize yourself with the button layout. Every 360 game has a manual which shows what each button does. After that, hold down the left trigger and push up on the D-pad while in build/buy mode. To get to that mode, hit the BACK button on your controller and select the picture of the house with a hammer. You must have either your foundation and walls up built on the first floor or at least the walls if it’s level with the ground. Once you push up on the D-pad, you’ll see little outlines of squares above the walls. You can place floor tiles on those buy going to the build area in build/buy. Place you floor and add walls to complete the second floor.

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