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how good is this idea for me to get a x box 360?


well the thing is i want a 360 for my birthday.i want the 360 pro with cod4 and 12 month live subscription oh and 1 ethernet cable the total comes to $380 minus the 170 i notmally get for my birthday.but the thing is i normally get paid for report cards and for mowing the lawn.i was talking with my mom and said she wouldn’t have to pay me for my report card and mowing the lawn for 2 years. does this seem like a good deal? keep in mind i normally get money based on my age such as if i was 10 i’d get $100 if i was 15 i’d get $150. i’m turning 17 and would like you’re opinion on my idea and what you think i could do to convince her.

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  1. dont bother getting a ps3 xbox rules- the games are cheaper

    the consoles cheaper, xbox live rules!

    there is so many things you can do!

  2. You could grab a PS3 which doesn’t suffer from RRoD plus it has /free/ online and CoD 4. Keep in mind CoD 5 (World at War) is coming out in November.

    Also you can find either system at local pawn shops for very cheap. PS3s at my shops are only $240ish.

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