Home Xbox Forum How much should i sell my xbox 360 for?

How much should i sell my xbox 360 for?


i am selling a xbox 360 console, 60 gb hard drive, 2 wireless controllers, play and charge kit, wired network adaptor, wired headset, memory card, halo 3, college hoops 2k8, mlb 2k7, madden 08, nba live 07, sega superstars tennis, and need for speed pro street all in one package deal and they all work but they are used. how much do i sell it all for?

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  1. Depending on how old your 360 is, 50-100, 30 for the hard drive, 15 for both controllers, 10 for play and charge kit, network adapter 25, headset 10, memory card 5

    for the games (in order as you listed them) 15 (if you have heroic or legendary maybe a bit more), 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.

    So if your console and all the games and extras are in decent condition, you could sell it all for about $250.

  2. I’d say around 250 at max because of the new xbox 360 e3 having a 250 gb hard drive and built in wifi and smaller console. The games add most of the value.

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