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HOW TO GET THE DESTINY 2 BETA on PC, Xbox One, PS4 (Pre-order Standard, Limited, Collector’s)


HOW TO GET THE DESTINY 2 BETA on PC, Xbox One, PS4 (Pre-order Standard, Limited, Collector's)

Destiny 2 Beta/Release Dates | Release Date Moved Confirmed


  1. ok tell me this, i really do need help. idk were to find the code. can someone plzz tell me. i got it on ps 4. pre oredert it. HELLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!

  2. So basically, if you pre order the game on the Xbox store (I got the digital deluxe) that means I don't have to do anything extra? I will just be able to play when the beta comes out ?

  3. I pre ordered the game on pc from gamestop but to redeem it on the website theres no pc option…. wtf?

  4. i have ps4 and the pc i build
    i have question
    if a buy the destiny 2 with the same bungie account can i get the game for free or less price on the pc?

  5. ive been in a pickle, I only got what I need to buy a PC digital copy, but only for now. ive got THOUSANDS in medical bills this is the last of my personal money I can spare for the next year. I wish they would release a pc digital preorder

  6. Does anyone know when the closed beta will begin? And when's the deadline to pre-order it for the closed beta?

  7. has the beta been released yet cause i havnt got my access code yet even though i preordered it….

  8. So, like you said, if I preordered Destiny digitally on my PS4, I should have Early beta access right when it comes out?

  9. Wait since I pre orderd it on my Xbox when the beta comes out it'll just be there in my Xbox someone plz help

  10. Hey aztec i have a stolen pride with rifled barrel, range finder and explosive rounds with truesight, you should review this gem its so fucking good on titans/ aggressive players

  11. so 6 days if you pre order 3 if you don't maybe less if your on pc sorry pc users you got shafted

  12. I'm sad that i have to wait longer but i can watch reviews and decide if i buy it before the game launches on pc.

  13. what??? HALFWAY THROUGH OCTOBER! do you mean to tell me, bungie, that by the time that my guardian even steps FOOT in destiny 2, other guardians will already have max light!? no fucking way man. i expected like 3 weeks or so, a month and a half is a serious let down. respect -. id love love love to play on pc but i just cant afford to miss out in a month and a half of destiny 2 while everyone else is out there kicking garys ass. gonna have to go console yet again (sorry blizzard)

  14. Wait so if I preorder on PS4 I get the beta from the 18-23? If so I'll do that for 5 days of playing.

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