Home Playstation Forum I can NOT defeat Alisa in Tekken 6 on the PS3.?

I can NOT defeat Alisa in Tekken 6 on the PS3.?


I am in the scenario campaign and I can NOT defeat Alisa.can anyone give me ANY help on how to do this.it is getting sooooo frustrating!


  1. this chick is impossible she freezes you throws rockets heals herself does insane combos that you can’t escape uses her head as a bomb has two henchmen that defend her. If you beat her let me know man because right now this game is looking like a piece of * we wanted Tekken 6 we got LARS: The Story Of Some Guy That Looks Like He Woke Up In A Dumpster That You Don’t Give A * About Going Around Getting His * Handed To Him By New Tekken Characters

    Good luck beating her, 3 years of development and all we get is this * thanks a lot namco

    honestly i cant be ar*ed with her iv tryed over 20 times now and one of my xbox pads is broke cos i got so mad i threw it at the wall i got her down to like 20% and i had full health and in 1 combo she trapped my in the wall and killed me and my tactic was to stay away from start kill tweedledum and tweedledee then keep blockin then wen shes finished atk with as many combos as possible and juggle her in the the air but she always get u an sometimes pushes me into the chickens taking them all at once theyre too close anyway u try pick 1 up and u gett three and u f*ked basically if that happens it shudnt pick up if u have full health ffs anyway tell me if u manage to beat her cos iv tried lars,law,steve and hwoarang and now im using alisa

  2. Hey, What’s going on. Hope I am not too late. Crushin’ that Robo Beezy ain’t easy especially after you fight Nina and Jin. Here are some tips I can give ya.

    1. Items: I know this is too general but check for items. Items really help you out on Scenario Campaign especially Elemental Attacks and plus health. Make sure you have a solid items comin’ in to the fight. It helps you tremendously. Trust me.

    2. Attack wit h basic combo moves that contains Lot of Low attacks: Bosses do fight tougher than average trash mobs. They block decent amount of high and middle attacks. If I were you, I would suggest using Kazuya’s Spinning Demon Attack (Up, RK,RK). Hit em low and hard and she won’t know what’s instored for her metal *. Also do not spam attack. FPS plays role in Scenario Campaign also so side step, side walk, or block very wisely. Or if you know air juggles, that comes pretty handy too when you are not around her entourages.

    3. Eat Chickens: Yes eat them chickens. Since you will be taking on a boss alone, you have luxury of feasting on hella chickens and eggs. If you run low on health try to side step and move around her to obtain chickens and get yourself beefed up. They are usually located in wall or edge of the stage.

    4. Take out her Entourages out First: Try to drain her HP as much as possible before her beezies snubs around. When the extra mobs show up, take care of them because they can get quite annoying like my sister when you try to perform combos or get them chickens. But if there is only 1-2 mobs chillin’ around, I would suggest goin’ for Alisa.

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