Home Xbox Forum i turnd off famly settins on xbox live, but still bloks me...

i turnd off famly settins on xbox live, but still bloks me from downlodin matur demos. wut do i do?


it says im disabling family settings, but it still wont let me dowload c.o.d world at war beta, demo. its a mature ame, but wut do i do to get passed this. or better yet how do i make my windows live id changed. like i changed it and when it says yes change to use these settings, i clik it, but it says xbox live is not connected right now, try again later. but it keeps saying that. Please someone help me

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  1. Your xbox live account shows your age and its probably showing your underage.


    Create a new silver account(its free) and just use it for downloading demos and what not. Make sure you go online and make a new free email (hotmail.com or yahoo.com). Then just fill in the info and put down atleast 18 years old.


    I am not suggesting to you a way to get around not being old enough for the content. Do not use this unless your parents allow it.

    I Suggest

    Have your parents or older sibling create an account that shows there age.

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