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If I Buy 2 Ps3 Hard Drives One For Custom Firmware And One For Online?


If I Buy 2 Ps3 Hard Drives One For 3.55 Custom Firmware And One To Play Online Can i Constantly Change Them? Or Will the Hard Drives Get Corrupt? Or Will The Ps3 Not Recognized When i Put A Different One in?

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  1. When a different HDD is put inside the PS3, it will have to be reformatted. So in other words, you’ll lose ALL your data and you CANNOT retrieve it. If you want to jailbreak one, then get TWO PS3’s and have one with the 3.55 firmware and the other PS3 you would use for online gaming alright. It’s a lot easier that way. You need an E3 Flasher to downgrade the the updated firmwares, but keep in mind this involves opening up your PS3 and messing around with. Also keep in mind, the second you open a PS3, it will void any and all warranty and if it ever needs repairs, Sony will simply outright refuse to fix it for you and you can’t get a new one because it would be opened up and void the warranty. So be smart.

    Hope that helps.

  2. It doesnt work like that, everytime you swapped drives you would have to format it, so as soon as you are at 4.11 your 3.55 info is useless. You need to look into dual booting with an eflasher.

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