Home Playstation Forum is my ps3 gonna break?

is my ps3 gonna break?


my ps3 froze couple of time and i have to restart my ps3 for it does this means my ps3 is gonna break and not work 🙁

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  1. It wont break as long as it doesnt massivly over heat. If you play alot just make sure it has room for the hot air to come out.

    Oh yeah, dont click the PS button once you start playing a game (after you see the PLAYSTATION 3 symbol come up, the screen will be black for like 5 seconds, dont click PS button until the game is acctually starting, my ps3 broke cuz of that. Im not sure if thats the reason, but im pretty sure it was cuz it froze and wouldnt read games. Luckily i had warranty

  2. nope, just means its hitting some errors. As long as it doesn’t do it over and over again all the time your fine.

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