Home Videos Is PlayStation Plus Worth Your Money? UPDATED

Is PlayStation Plus Worth Your Money? UPDATED


This is a video explaining what you get with Playstation Plus and how it’s awesome.

Is PlayStation Plus Worth Your Money? UPDATED


  1. So basically you get nothing because you can't play the free games when your subscription expires… So basically it sucks lol.

  2. I haven't had PlayStation Plus per month and I still get to play my games and download one

  3. if your ps plus is gone and u do buy the game u do get keep it but when u seed you ps plus expires do u still get to keep the game u buy

  4. Can specifically choose what games you can download for free or can you only get what they show you on the screen? Like if I wanted to get xenoverse I could just like type it in and it will let me download it or

  5. What if you don't want to get free games with ps plus and just play multi play with the physical copy

  6. Thats not true if you dont have psn live u cant play the games y downloaded for free until you renew psn i had lots of games that i was not able to play til i renew my psn and yes it his worth your money

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