Home Playstation Forum Is the Playstation Move worth getting?

Is the Playstation Move worth getting?


Fun factor on a scale of 1-10 & the type of games you enjoy

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  1. In my personal opinion, i give it about an 8 to an 9 and a half. Ive only played Sports champion and start the party with it, but it is amazingly accurate. you definitely need the space around you clear, so you can move around. But i think it was worth getting. Better than the Wii by a LONNNG shot. =)

  2. i just got it yesterday nd i rate it a 9 pretty fun.prolly be a 10 when better games come out. but dat superstar game is freaking AWESOME lol

    add me on ps3- Shariece is my gamertag

  3. Fun Factor – 9

    Crazy accurate! Sports champions is awesome and Tumble is so fun!!

    if its just you then u could wait a while until online move games come out. i have 3 other people in my house who play so it’s a big deal!

    Also, you need a LOT of open space to play, well i do! for sports champion i think you’re suppose to be like 8ft from the tv. with two people you may need a space of like 8×10 to enjoy it without watching where you swing!

    Bottom line Move is Awesome!!

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